Investigate past fishing impacts and population dynamics to inform the present

Resources for the Atlantic bluefin tuna research community:

Access an updatable database of archaeological bluefin tuna remains

Estimate the size of archaeological tuna using vertebrae

A sub-project of the MSCA SeaChanges ITN, initiated by researchers at the University of Bologna

Atlantic bluefin tuna has been one of the most important resources to Mediterranean civilisations for millennia. 

Our aim is to collate archaeological data for Atlantic bluefin tuna, and promote multidisciplinary collaborations between the fields of archaeology and marine ecology

Latest records:

Kum Tepe, Turkey – 3000-2000 BCE
Reese, D.
In Sperling, 1976
Reese, D.
In Şevketoğlu, 2002

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Prof. Fausto Tinti, University of Bologna: [email protected]

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Adam J. Andrews, University of Bologna and Norwegian Institute of Water Research: [email protected]

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