We are investigating the paleoecology of Atlantic bluefin tuna by comparing the morphology and biomolecular composition of archaeological, archived and modern fish remains from the last two milennia. This work forms part of the SeaChanges ITN network and the PhD thesis of myself, Adam J. Andrews. The motivation for the work was laid out in our ICES Journal of Marine Science review paper, featured as Editors Choice here.

We studied three eco-evolutionary indicators: 1) Size and growth, 2) diet and habitat use, and 3) demography and adaptation, conducting the work between BiGeA – University of Bologna, CEES – University of Oslo, and BioArCh – University of York.

Find two of our publications below and keep tuna’d for new additions in the coming months. Alternatively, find me on Research Gate and Google Scholar for a full publication profile. 

If you require any PDFs, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or on Twitter.

Best fishes!